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Data Management


5 Key points for improving design collaboration

1. Improve Visibility into the Design and Manufacturing Process
Get departments like procurement, marketing, and management to check out the latest drawings for review—without bothering the engineer or designer.

2. Improve Data Organization and Security
Track design changes and document revisions without asking you to do any more work. First, you can manage engineering change orders automatically—routing, tracking, auditing, and monitoring them as needed. Second, you can manage bills of materials (BOMs) generated directly from your CAD application. Finally, you can capture revisions automatically to securely access the latest released document or even review previous releases to see what has changed.

3.Create Reports and Manage Data Visually
Need to know which parts have already been ordered? Want to know what specifications have changed since last week? With the visual data management in you can share that information with others through dashboard-style reporting tools.

4. Integrate Seamlessly with Existing Business Systems
Move from product data management (PDM) to true product lifecycle management (PLM). From enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management (CRM), giving your engineers critical insight into resource availability, inventory requirements, delivery dates, and more.

5. Collaborate Easily Across Multiple Sites
Make it easy for offices in multiple locations to work together—no matter where they are in the world. You can track and manage all of your data in one central, secure location, but share actual working files quickly across a wide area network (WAN). Enabling you to scale up quickly as business demands increase.

How Can Autodesk Vault Help?

Manufacturers must be able to manage change effectively to compete in today's manufacturing market. To help with this Autodesk Vault provides an integrated and scalable data management solution from day one.

Autodesk Vault grows to meet your needs without having to start over with costly implementations,
Data migrations or a steep learning curve.

This provides a real advantage to Inventor and AutoCAD user’s right out of the box with a scalable day one solution for data management. Users can securely check in and check out information directly inside of the design interface. Once a file has been checked out, users can then make changes to the geometry and then save that information back to the vault ensuring that the most current design is available for the rest of the team.

Users can then use the vault explorer to look at previews of the designs, understand the history or revert back to a previous design and also understand where these files were used.

When you upgrade from Vault basic to Vault Workgroup you add the ability to gain even more control with revision management. Vault professional furthers your designs reach with a web client for non-cad users and multi-site capabilities. This empowers 24/7 engineering, insuring the latest data is always leveraged across your teams, locations and countries without costly implementations enabling you to deliver better products, reduce development costs and get to market faster.

If you would like to find see how your company can implement these actions into your data management then contact us on 01223 716200 or email us today.