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BIM Modelling for Manufacturing- Training Course

This two day hands-on course covers the Autodesk Inventor Professional BIM Exchange, and converting models into importable Autodesk Revit models. Read more

BIM and Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor provides significant business benefits for building product manufacturers.

With Autodesk Inventor BIM exchange you can simplify product models, enrich data with BIM compliant information and allow your customers to utilize this intelligent BIM data directly within Revit.

You'll find that a unique advantage of Autodesk Inventor is the direct connection with Revit; the industry standard tool for the AEC in building information modelling. Inventor offers specific tools that enable you to simplify geometry protect your IP and provide a lightweight model for downstream usage

In the below video it shows a large chiller assembly that sits on top of the building. The envelope contains all the required components and relevant information necessary to create an intelligent Revit component.

BIM exchange MEP author allows you to add intelligent connection information to seamlessly integrate your inventor model into Revit and other purpose-built building design and construction systems applications for documenting architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing information

After exporting this intelligent building component out of Inventor you can then insert it into a Revit model. Once inside of Revit you can locate it and see how it integrates with the rest of your system.

By providing BIM compliant information your products are more likely to become specified by architects and engineers during construction planning. And as this BIM data is accessible throughout the entire building life cycle you can develop a longer aftermarket relationship with your customer, reduce development costs and get to market faster.

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