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Technical Services

Formed in 1989, Micro Concepts are a premier supplier of Autodesk Engineering solutions in the UK. We provide a high level of service and Customer Support through our team of qualified technical engineers, who have many years experience in Engineering and CAD.

We are able to offer informed support solutions, based on a real understanding of your business issues.

Our focus on the development of long term business partnerships with our clients makes us stand us out from our competitors. We achieve this by understanding our customer’s business strategy and plans, providing a total solution and keeping our clients up to date with the latest technology and information. This ensures our clients realise the full potential of the solutions they continue to invest in.

Micro Concepts continually maintain high standards required by Autodesk. Our ongoing accreditations from Autodesk represent a level of expertise, experience, and resource level enabling us to provide a continual high level of service. Our sales and technical engineers are required by Autodesk to take regular assessments to maintain the high level of service and knowledge that is expected from a Systems Centre. As an Authorised Training Centre we are able to follow the Autodesk curriculum in an environment and on equipment that are of a suitably high standard. As an Authorised Developer we are able to create customised applications and tailored solutions to match your required processes.

Proven Track Record

Micro Concepts have installed over 1,250 CAD systems at more than 300 customer sites in the UK and northern Europe. With an efficient approach to customer service, we are able to respond quickly to customers needing telephone or face to face technical support. After a decade in the marketplace we are pleased to have built up an impressive customer base covering industries such as:

  • Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Equipment
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Process, Packaging & Handling
  • Point of Purchase, Retail
  • Building & Construction
  • Technical Support

The success, effectiveness and productivity of any CAD implementation is dependent upon the people who operate and manage it, and the infrastructure to support that over the forthcoming years. Micro Concepts technical team have been providing this infrastructure for more than 20 years and have attained a reputation for providing high quality technical support.

Technical support with Micro Concepts enables you to maximise the productivity of your new or existing CAD investment, minimising the downtime created by issues that can be quickly resolved with the help of our engineers, leaving you to concentrate on increasing the profitability of your business.

Our support encompasses more than responding and reacting to support requests. We provide proactive support via workshops, seminars, monthly bulletins, technical documents, and ongoing training to ensure you are as informed and productive as possible.

We offer a variety of support packages to suit all requirements, from the basic support package offering mainly helpdesk support, to all encompassing packages covering all your potential ongoing requirements. All our packages offer the same prompt response times. We can also tailor our standard packages if you have unique requirements. This gives you the opportunity to budget for the major part of your CAD overheads with one single annual cost.

Installation & Configuration

As part of our comprehensive package, Micro Concepts can install and configure your software. We will make sure that your PC is running to its optimal performance as well as configuring any drivers or Windows settings that may be required.  If you are upgrading your CAD package to a newer version, ‘remnants’ of the previous version may remain behind.  These may cause problems and inconsistencies with the new software, which is why, as part of our standard installation we always ensure that your old version is completely removed.

To use the products to their optimum and take advantage of the functionality available requires specialist knowledge, in order to install and configure, and correctly deploy the CAD package.  This is pivotal to the correct operation of all software managed by this program, so setting it up correctly is essential to avoid unnecessary down time for the users.

Micro Concepts Installation service includes the following:

  • Pre installation housekeeping, including configuration and service packing of Windows to correct level according to system requirements, setting up and testing of certified graphics cards and fine tuning hardware settings for optimum performance
  • Installation and configuration of FLEX-LM license manager (Network licences only)
  • Service pack Autodesk software to the latest level
  • Set up, configure and test all printers/plotters
  • Installation and configuration of Autodesk Vault
  • Installation and configuration of shared catalogues and libraries

Consultancy and Customisation

A solution does not finish with the supply of design software. We understand the need for document management with issue & revision control, Structure Bills of Material and integration with MRP solutions, the power of direct links to CNC, Parts management and the need to reduce parts proliferation, and many other areas where automation reduces manual task overheads and opportunities for error.

Our ultimate aim is to maximise the productivity and return on investment for our business partners. This may involve customisation of the core products or offering our assistance to produce best practices to achieve the required goal.

Custom Development

Using the manufacturing suite of Autodesk® products as the core tools Micro Concepts are able to develop and integrate custom routines and tools to tailor these products to your requirements. From basic menu customisation to multi product fully integrated executables and shared libraries the tools required can be made to suit your needs, both in functionality and technical requirements. As well as being Autodesk Developer Network accredited, Micro Concepts are also a Microsoft partner with certified professionals in the language environments needed to produce custom Autodesk add on functions.


Micro Concepts offer a variety of consultancy services to enable you to get maximum productivity in the shortest space of time from the design tools. These consultancy services include:

  • Template and border configuration - Enabling quick start up with a setup that is correct
  • After Training Consultancy - On Site Assistance on how to apply the methods taught on the training courses to your job requirements.
  • Data Management - How to structure and control your generated files including and any tools associated with achieving this.
  • Advanced Bureau Services - Having in house facilities and resource can be a high overhead particularly where the requirement is occasional or requires a higher level of expertise and knowledge.

Working with Micro Concepts can be a very cost effective option. Our in house expertise allows the work to be carried out efficiently and professionally by industry experts. Work can be undertaken on a daily rate basis or at a fixed price.

Our engineers are highly skilled and specialise in delivering CAD services across the complete Autodesk range of products from AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop to Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Viz and MAX and data management solutions. We have completed numerous projects covering areas such as Mechanical detailing, Concept Modelling, Technical Publications, Assembly animations and high quality still images for publication, and data management implementations. Tight deadline or long term commitment, we can help.

Our consultative approach to business means we are ideally suited to assist our customers in determining their system requirements both in a pre-sale and post sale environment.

Consultancy is often overlooked but is an essential element for anyone implementing application software or distributed management systems.

Consultancy saves you time and money by helping you to determine your exact requirements early on, enabling you to be confident that you have chosen the right solution to meet your business objectives.