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Micro Concepts Inventor Tools


The Micro Concepts Inventor Tools are a set of productivity and quality enhancing tools for Inventor series and Inventor Professional. Based on feedback from the large Inventor user base of Micro Concepts' customers the tools offer enhancements in the part, assembly, presentation and drawing environments of Autodesk Inventor.

This product is available for download from the Micro Concepts web site members area here.

5 ways Inventor Tools can help you

1. Automating data entry ( a pre-requisite for Vault Basic)
Keying the wrong information when adding text information to Parts, Assemblies & Drawings makes it difficult to interpret search results.

  • Lookup lists of pre-defined data
  • Mandatory entry so the designer has to input
  • Force uppercase
  • Force creation on save
  • Max character length

2. Automating file creation on save
When saving your drawing you want to automatically create a different file type such as PDF, DWG or DXF & store in same folder.
Being able to create a set of DXF files ready for manufacture at the same time as the main drawing can save a lot of time.

3. Drawing Enhancements

  • Delete Orphaned Dimensions globally
  • Centre Dimension Text globally


  • Open Ballooned Component
  • Renumber Balloons


  • Isolate, Hide, Show All

4. Assembly Enhancements

  • Insert & Fix
  • Copy & Replace
  • Update Styles in all files referenced by Assembly
  • Toggle Suppression in All Levels of Detail
  • Toggle browser names between default & value in import

5. Micro Concepts Community Help
Direct remote connection for GoToAssist

  • Benefit- Don’t have to visit website and navigate to find Link

Product Support Report

  • Benefit – Captures steps when creating crash or error

Support Request

  • Benefit – record issue and auto email support with files

General Tools

  • Set file properties - fully configurable iProperty enhancement/enforcement tool including auto numbering
  • Automatically Save as DWF/PDF/DXF/Step (Auto Snapshot command and on Save)
  • Enhanced Save as (update and save as associated idw also)
  • Open explorer
  • Copy physical properties and flat pattern extents to custom parameters and properties
  • Pack and go from within Inventor!
  • Support Request
  • Remote help support tool

Part Tools

  • Replay Part
  • End Of Part Toggle
  • Reset Face Colours
  • Reset Display Name
  • Toggle edge display

Drawing Tools

  • Open From Balloon
  • Balloon Renumber
  • Export Parts List to Existing Excel Workbook
  • Automatically Create PDF
  • Layer utilities

Assembly Tools

  • Toggle Suppression in all Level of Details

  • Library Browser Tool

  • Update Styles in All

  • Copy and replace component (and associated idw!)
  • Insert & Fix

Presentation Tools

  • Change Referenced Assembly
  • Copy and Replace Referenced Assembly


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