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Autodesk is a world-leading supplier of engineering software, providing companies with tools to experience their ideas before they are real. By putting powerful Digital Prototyping technology within the reach of mainstream manufacturers, Autodesk is changing the way manufacturers think about their design processes and is helping them create more productive workflows. The Autodesk approach to Digital Prototyping is unique in that it is scalable, attainable, and cost-effective, which allows a broader group of manufacturers to realize the benefits with minimal disruption to existing workflows, and provides the most straightforward path to creating and maintaining a single digital model in a multidisciplinary engineering environment.

What is Digital Prototyping detailed information

Digital Prototyping: Autodesk Manufacturing Versus Dassault SolidWorks


Desktop Subscription


Desktop Subscription gives you the option to choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual options for using Autodesk Design and Creation Suites software and select software products.  

The Desktop Subscription option includes benefits similar to those of Maintenance Subscription and offers you the lowest cost point of entry in the Autodesk product line. Desktop Subscription gives you the flexibility to manage costs without an up-front license investment or long-term commitment. In some cases, you may be able to bill the cost of a Desktop Subscription back to your clients, making it easier to treat software costs as an operating expense rather than a capital expense.

Scalable licensing—Desktop Subscription helps enable easier license additions and removals. You can scale up and down to manage project and staffing needs, such as the addition of consultants, interns, and part-time employees. Consider this option when taking on finite projects or hiring temporary staff.

With lower upfront costs and no long term commitment, you can benefit from increased functionality with less risk. So you gain greater flexibility and peace of mind.


Desktop Subscription FAQ's

Why is Autodesk offering Desktop Subscription?
Autodesk is offering Desktop Subscription in response to growing customer demand. Desktop Subscription provides flexibility and choice for how to access Autodesk software. You have two ways to purchase: you can buy a traditional perpetual license or pay as you go with Desktop Subscription. It’s your choice.

A perpetual license is ideal if you need ongoing access to Autodesk software while Desktop Subscription enables you to license software on a short-term basis - monthly, quarterly or annually. This is a great choice if you have fluctuating project and staffing needs.

What is the difference between perpetual and Desktop Subscription licenses?
Traditional perpetual software licenses grant license holders the right to use the version of Autodesk software that is purchased for as long as they want. Desktop Subscription grants license holders the right to use the software for a specified period of time with the option to renew their contract for additional payments.

Customers who purchase a Desktop Subscription receive similar benefits to customers who purchase perpetual licenses with Autodesk® Subscription. These benefits include access to the latest software and product enhancements, and in some cases, access to select cloud services.

What are the benefits of Autodesk Desktop Subscription?
Pay–as-you-go access to software: This gives you the flexibility to control costs without an up-front license investment or long-term commitment. In some cases, you may be able to bill the cost of Desktop Subscription back to your clients, making it easier to treat software costs as an operating expense rather than a capital expense.

Stay up to date: With an active Desktop Subscription, you always have access to the latest software releases and product enhancements.

Scalable licensing: Desktop Subscription helps enable easier addition and removal of licenses. You can scale up to manage a variety of temporary project and staffing needs like the addition of consultants, interns, and part-time employees.

Does the software included with Desktop Subscription require an internet connection to work?
The desktop software will work offline for up to 14 days, at which point you must connect to the Internet to continue. After seven days of disconnected use, you will be reminded about the requirement to connect to the Internet. An Internet connection is required in order to access cloud services.

Does the Desktop Subscription software sit in the cloud or on my desktop?
Desktop Subscription software is installed on the desktop in the same manner as traditional perpetual-license, desktop products. They are not hosted. Like their perpetual-license counterparts, many Desktop Subscriptions include access to cloud services that are not installed on your desktop, for example, rendering.

How do I give other users access and track cloud credit usage?
If you have purchased more than one Desktop Subscription license for a product or suite, administrators can invite other users. Through the “Users” page, administrators can assign users to download/access products and services, view and create web support tickets, and access any advanced support. To Invite users, simply by clicking "add user" - this will automatically create an Autodesk Account for them if they don't already have one. With the Bulk add, copy and paste up to 50 users with the specified formatting (first name last name email).

Then select the access the users should have. The users will receive an email notifying them their permissions were updated. Users can then go to Autodesk Account to access the products and services they have been given access to. You can also select multiple users from the user list at a later time and click the "Actions" menu to set their access.

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