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Micro Concepts help MSV move into the 3D world with Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical

Marshall Specialist Vehicles (MSV) is a Cambridge-based firm which specialises in the design and manufacture of expandable field hospital systems. Historically armies set up hospitals at the rear of battlefields, which would consist largely of tents, not the most hygienic of places to treat the wounded I’m sure you’ll agree.

pict1326_390What MSV does is supply armies with tidy, modern and up to date solutions including operating and triage theatres and aid stations all contained in separate units which can be dropped into place at the rear of a battlefield and linked together to create an air-tight arrangement which is effectively a mini hospital.

MSV decided it needed to implement software to speed up the design cycle and to introduce 3D capabilities to the company. Having looked at a range of solutions, the firm decided to go with Autodesk products for a number of reasons. John Prentice, design office manager picks up the story. “We had looked at solutions including Pro Engineer and Solid Works, but we felt that Inventor offered the best bang for bucks.” In other words the best functionality for the price.

pict1324_390“We looked at other comparable packages such as Pro Engineer, which offers a base package for a similar price as Inventor. However, there were a number of bolt-on’s we would have needed to purchase which were included in the basic package with Inventor. We were also already using AutoCAD software within the firm and the fact that we could build on our existing skills sealed the deal,” explains Prentice.

The firm is currently running 28 seats of Inventor software in total, 25 of which are Inventor series along with three seats of Inventor Professional. Although the software is still relatively new to MSV it is already generating meaningful work explains Prentice.

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