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Rubicon are a creative design consultancy working with many clients in different markets using the latest Autodesk Inventor design technology to maintain their leading edge

Rubicon in Berkshire UK, are involved with two main professional bodies and associations. These are the Chartered Society of Designers and British Standards Institute highlighting the professional standards that are maintained and promoted by Rubicon ID.
pro__ga__2_390Design Consultant Ronald MacPhee established Rubicon as an Industrial Design Specialists over 25 years ago. During this time there have been considerable changes not just in customer expectations but also the competitive design companies offering their tools to do the job. Rubicon has recognised that Autodesk Inventor has the best all round offering. One of the reasons it has outsold all competitors in its class for the last 6 years. From drawing boards to 2D AutoCAD to then onto Autodesk Inventor, the technology has come a long way. The new technology has had to match the expectations and customer demand to get the job done faster, easier and quicker to review and change and reduce time spent on prototypes.
Rubicon offer design work that covers plastic moulding design in extremely high production volumes for consumer, scientific and commercial clients, right through to ‘one-off’ designs in fabricated metal. The vast difference in the type of work undertaken by Rubicon shows the true versatility of the product.
The objective of the business is straightforward and simple “to provide excellence in product design and project management”. Rubicon realise that many areas of professional and personal experience are required to develop a quality product. Creative and innovative designs are a must. The designer should have access to the best production techniques, leading edge design software and access to quality suppliers. Rubicon understands the dedication and ability required for a designer to guide a product through the various and sometimes challenging stages of development necessary to launch a product.
pro__assembly_390All the concept design and detail design work is carried out using Autodesk Inventor, stl files are generated for stereo-lithography modelling, igs and stp files are sent to suppliers all over the world for tooling and production with other files formats often generated for the design of external packaging for product distribution.
Ronald said “I have remarkably few problems in exporting or importing client files in various formats or from other CAD packages as well”. He goes on to say “Inventor is my core marketing, design and production tool. It has slashed turn round times for working models from 3 – 4 weeks to about 4 – 5 days and slashed design times for concept and production work by many weeks per design phase”.
Ronald also goes on to mention “Inventor has cut down the need for meetings with clients and reduced consumption of materials that were previously used for creating visuals, engineering drawings, models, etc, making costs for clients substantially lower as a result of this. In summary I now spend more of time actually designing and generating options for solutions than ever before”.
Finally Ronald proclaims “Autodesk Inventor is also a pleasure to work on – after 28 years in this business this is the most important characteristic of the product”
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