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Evenoak designs and manufactures a wide range of automated soldering systems for selective soldering on printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies.


Challenge: To standardise on one single design platform to increase the quality of designs and reduce the need for re-work and re-creation of designs.


Why Autodesk: Provides the best of both 2D and 3D and still able to use legacy drawings


Results: Dramatic reductions on the need for re-work and the ability to re-use data allows more time to focus on new designs.

The four strong design team were using a combination of AutoCAD and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, but recognised the advantages of upgrading so that everyone was using Inventor.

evenoak_210When Evenoak wanted to standardise on one single design platform it chose Autodesk Inventor Series. According to Dave Levoi, drawing office manager, the result has been better quality design, a dramatic reduction in the need for re-work and the “ability to re-use data time and time again, when before it would have been re-created many times along the way”.

“Autodesk makes it easy to change – we could use Inventor, without giving up AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop, so we could still make the best use of all our legacy documents,” says Levoi. Often different members of the team work on the same project and before this sometimes led to an overlap of work with the same data being re-created several times: “We were often re-inventing the wheel,” he adds.

Now, he reports, it is much easier for different engineers to work on the same project. It is also much easier to show non-technical staff what the team is doing: “All the work we are doing is so much more visible to the rest of the company, enabling others to have an input much earlier on in the process.

“Before, all they saw was a 2D drawing which didn’t mean much to them and so any revisions or changes weren’t made until much further down the line. Now they can see exactly what we are doing and we can make sure our designs meet the needs of all parties concerned before they leave us.”

Levoi also has nothing but praise for Microconcepts the Autodesk channel partner who supplied the software. “Because they all come from an engineering background they have been able to help us in a practical and proactive way,” he says.


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