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HEL Ltd. is an international company specialising in automated, research-scale laboratory equipment for the process, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
They supply complete systems for all stages of process development, from screening to scale-up.



To incorporate 3D processes into the design and manufacture of customized research & development equipment for pharmaceutical industry.


a072_210Why Autodesk

Painless transition from AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop
Always used Autodesk products and found them reliable



Using Inventor for so long, all the benefits of designing in 3D are now apparent and integrated into all processes.
Easy to share data with subcontractors through DWF and STEP.


Keith Habben, senior mechanical design engineer at HEL Ltd., has been using Autodesk Inventor Series ever since it was first introduced. In fact, he was one of a group asked to comment on a beta version of the software, so he has always followed Inventor’s progress with interest.

a122_210He and his four-man design team use Inventor to design and manufacture customized research and development equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. He says that because they have been using Inventor for so long, they have now got used to all the benefits of designing in 3D, incorporating this way of working into their processes.

However, there are many aspects that still please him greatly; for example the fact that Inventor is so intuitive. “The most striking thing about Inventor is that it is so easy to use and makes designing so much easier. If you need to make a small change, it’s not a major issue.”

HEL has always used Autodesk products. Firstly, AutoCAD and then Autodesk Mechanical Desktop. “At the time the transition from Mechanical Desktop was painless,” he reports.

Production of some of the parts designed by the team is outsourced and Habben confirms that subcontractors find they can easily view files using a DWF viewer downloaded from the Autodesk website. In the case of its sheet metal work, this is emailed as step file and the parts produced directly from the 3D model.a188

“Inventor streamlines the whole production process,” says Habben.

HEL bought Inventor from Autodesk reseller Microconcepts – and Keith Habben praises the way they are always available to give seemingly instant support. “We’ve continued giving feedback to Autodesk, but now via Microconcepts and they are always ready to give advice when needed,” he concludes.

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