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Working with leading Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Provider, Micro Concepts, Harry Major Machine UK Ltd (formerly Freeman & Clark Engineering) has acquired five seats of Autodesk’s Release to Manufacture solution, comprising Autodesk Inventor® and Autodesk® ProductStream™ backed by Micro Concepts’ Implementation and Support Services, as it looks to upgrade its manufacturing design capability.

Harry Major Machine UK, a supplier of conveyors, material handling systems and industrial washing machines primarily to the automotive, pharmaceutical and construction industries, saw that the time was right to move to 3D from its existing AutoCAD 2D design system. 

“We have worked successfully with Micro Concepts for some nine years,” confirms managing director, Mervyn Gillespie, “and, having looked at what the market had to offer, agreed with them that Inventor offered the most appropriate solution. 

“Not only does Inventor provide the functionality we need,” he says “but its ability to integrate with AutoCAD will enable a more straightforward transition for our design team and easier transfer of our extensive design database.”

broach1_210Customer responsiveness

Harry Major Machine UK offers a bespoke design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for its diverse customer base.  “With the introduction of Inventor,” says Micro Concepts sales manager, Mark Mills, “Harry Major Machine UK will be able to involve clients more actively in the development – and, as a result, cut design times - as the 3D model will enable it to identify engineering issues and solutions much earlier in the design process.”   

With large complex designs involving many moving parts, Inventor will also cut expensive rework and redesign work, by allow the design team to check clash conditions more easily and reliably than in the existing 2D environment.

Harry Major Machine UK benefits from full training support as part of Micro Concepts’ SSU (Subscription Support and Update) programme and Gillespie continues to be impressed with Micro Concepts’ service quality.  “Its highly responsive, helpful and proactive approach has formed the basis of an excellent on-going relationship,” he confirms.
For his part, Mills believes: “Harry Major Machine UK provides an excellent example of how Inventor enables engineering businesses operating in highly demanding markets to achieve a quantum leap in design efficiency and effectiveness.”