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The Micro Concepts Difference

The result is that the suppliers most likely to succeed in such an environment are those who are best able to respond to the demand for greater flexibility.  And it is here that Micro Concepts has some inherent advantages:

• It has over 25 years’ specialist experience in engineering design;
• Its staff is highly experienced, many of whom have mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds;
• As a result, it has an intimate and practical understanding of its customers and their problems;
• It has a similar length of experience working with Autodesk, the world’s leading design software providers.

This provides tangible benefits for all.  Micro Concepts is able to provide its customers with suitable best-of-breed solutions, backed up by unrivalled technical support.  Crucially, it has also brought the vendor nearer the customer in understanding the market’s unique needs and so continues to play a proactive and highly pragmatic role in driving the product development process forward.

Micro Concepts’ goal is to build long-term partnerships, based on an understanding of its customers’ business and being highly responsive to their needs. The proof that this works is best shown by the high proportion of long-standing, loyal customers.