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About Autodesk

For over 25 years, Autodesk has invested in people, software and technology to help customers realise their ideas—to compete and win.

Autodesk first revolutionised the software industry with the AutoCAD® product, which introduced drafting on a PC. The widespread popularity of AutoCAD software forged our company’s lifetime commitment to practical innovation that drives productivity and profitability. AutoCAD also paved the way for Autodesk technology leadership in industries such as building, infrastructure, manufacturing, media and entertainment and wireless data.

Today, Autodesk is a fully diversified software company that provides targeted solutions for creating, managing and sharing digital assets. Our community numbers more than six million users and includes four global strategic partners—Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM—as well as 2,500 third-party developers. What unites us all is the same spirit our company was founded on: innovation that drives real-world success. You can see that success in the accomplishments of our loyal customers, which include 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies and 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Moving into the future, Autodesk continues to evolve strategic competencies to support customers’ sustainability and success. We remain dedicated to helping integrate today’s best technologies—such as advanced modelling, digital collaboration and practical data management—into everyday business practices. In this way, we help ensure our customers’ visions come to fruition and that our customers can compete in business and win.

True DWG file formats with Autodesk

Most of today's drawing standards for manufacturing are based on AutoCAD and DWG that's why Autodesk Inventor allows you to leverage your AutoCAD DWG files natively.

With support for the most current AutoCAD file format you can expect 100 percent fidelity when you reuse native .DWG files for viewing, measuring and design. Only inventor gives you the option to add section views, balloons, bills of materials and more within inventor

Then save work in the true DWG file format for additional detailing. this means that you can collaborate more effectively with team members and consumers who only have AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical. They don't have to have an inventor seat and since these DWG files are truly associative when your 3d model updates your 2d detail drawings will update as well.

Autodesk Inventor gives you the flexibility to maintain your current drawing standards in the native AutoCAD DWG file format allowing seamless collaboration with stakeholders while helping you deliver better products, reduce development costs and get to market faster.