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About us

The Micro Concepts Solution
Specialising in the provision of engineering design, simulation and consultancy solutions since 1989, we are committed to offering a true value added partnership and aim to exceed customer expectations, providing the productivity and return on investment required to keep your business competitive.

Careful consideration to the software products, hardware platforms and a planned training and support program is the multi-part approach used to achieve the overall goal. Our ultimate aim is to maximise the productivity and return on investment for our business partners. We recognise that to achieve this means building partnerships over time, regularly reviewing technology requirements and making recommendations that best suit our partner’s needs.

Our team consists of professionals recruited from relevant customer industries, diverse in their specialisation covering Industrial machinery, Building Products, Aerospace and Defence to Furniture Design and Manufacture. The combined technical experience and knowledge of our engineers and product specialists exceeds 100 years. So, unlike most other companies, we are able to offer you informed solutions based on a real understanding of your business, from an impressive customer base covering industries such as:

  • Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical Equipment
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Process, Packaging & Handling
  • Point of Purchase, Retail
  • Building & Construction

The success, effectiveness and productivity of any CAD implementation is dependent upon the people who operate and manage it, and the infrastructure to support that over the forthcoming years. Micro Concepts technical team have been providing this infrastructure for more than 25 years and have attained a reputation for providing high quality technical support.

We provide proactive support via workshops, seminars, monthly bulletins, technical documents, and ongoing training to ensure you are as informed and productive as possible.